Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

Full list The group has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations. ISIL is known for its videos of beheadings and other types of executions [89] of both soldiers and civilians, including journalists and aid workers, and its destruction of cultural heritage sites. ISIL originated as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in , which pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and participated in the Iraqi insurgency following the invasion of Iraq by Western forces at the behest of the United States. This campaign reinvigorated the latter two forces and dealt a blow to the nascent Islamist proto-state, killing tens of thousands of its troops [] and dealing damage to its financial and military infrastructure. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , the leader of ISIL since , later killed himself by detonating a suicide vest during a raid into the rebel -held Idlib province of Syria [] conducted by U. While the use of either one or the other acronym has been the subject of debate, [81] [] the distinction between the two and its relevance has been considered not so great. In a speech in September , United States President Barack Obama said that ISIL was neither “Islamic” on the basis that no religion condones the killing of innocents nor was it a “state” in that no government recognises the group as a state , [] while many object to using the name “Islamic State” owing to the far-reaching religious and political claims to authority which that name implies. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists.

Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL

This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. Her two young brothers-in-law made fun with their faces. Her mother-in-law did gurgling sounds. All of them were trying to make her baby open his mouth wide enough to sneak in a spoonful of cough syrup. The simmering pot of vegetables and fish would be ready and the family would gather for supper. She would have been among the several Indonesian migrant women indoctrinated by men they met and married online and together, planned suicide bomb attacks with.

ISIS accused of selling fake PPE online to finance terrorism. Their alleged aim is to raise money by offering bogus personal protective equipment at a time of.

After storming a holiday party in San Bernardino with her husband, Malik joins a string of women linked to recent high-profile attacks in the West for which ISIS has claimed credit. Her peers include Hasna Aitboulahcen, who sheltered the alleged mastermind of the recent Paris attacks before both died in the raid to capture him, as well as Hayat Boumeddiene, who fled to ISIS-held territory as her partner Amedy Coulibaly killed a policewoman and lay siege to a supermarket in Paris on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attack in January.

The facts are clear: women can be terrorists, too. Yet, the phenomenon still seems to shock and tropes about female passivity and domesticity hold firm. Take the case of Malik: authorities are probing the time she spent living in Saudi Arabia and at university in her native Pakistan, unsure who in the couple instigated the attack. Witnesses are now describing how she shot first.

Likewise, much is being made of Malik being a wife and a new mother. In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, certainly there are still more questions than answers. Many women are drawn to the group , taking on recruitment, propaganda, and support roles despite the fact that it is known for its anti-women horrors. There are estimated to be Western female ISIS recruits , but the number of non-Western women is believed to be much higher.

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The killing of al-Baghdadi marks a significant foreign policy success for Trump, coming at one of the lowest points in his presidency as he is mired in impeachment proceedings and facing widespread Republican condemnation for his Syria policy. The recent pullback of U. Planning for the operation began two weeks ago, Trump said, after the U.

The current crises in Syria has led to a number of Britons travelling abroad to These modern day tools are helping Isis spread their propaganda and Indeed, the group has actively been using social media sites such as The video, however has reappeared and was available on YouTube and to date.

Issued on: October 27, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world. The United States has been searching for Baghdadi for many years. Capturing or killing Baghdadi has been the top national security priority of my administration.

Special Operations Forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern Syria and accomplished their mission in grand style. The U. I got to watch much of it. He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. The compound had been cleared by this time, with people either surrendering or being shot and killed.

Eleven young children were moved out of the house and are uninjured. The only ones remaining were Baghdadi in the tunnel, and he had dragged three of his young children with him. They were led to certain death. He reached the end of the tunnel, as our dogs chased him down.

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A security officer led him to a wooden cage in the middle of the courtroom. officer told a Middle Eastern news site, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “And when their date came they would come with us to the Old City and.

This paper explores the question of whether or not women can participate in combat operations, something that has been hotly debated by jihadis for decades. Generally speaking, jihadi groups across the ideological spectrum have held that this is permissible, but only in certain highly restricted circumstances. Despite this, to date, most have steered clear of mobilising women, and for this reason, the idea that jihadi women do not fight is now widely accepted as conventional wisdom.

This contention could now be inaccurate, though; indeed, because of recent developments in Iraq and Syria, female supporters of jihadi groups today are more likely than ever to engage in violence. The question of whether or not women can participate in combat operations has been hotly debated by jihadis for decades. Generally speaking, a broad consensus has emerged that it is permissible for them to fight, but only in certain highly restricted circumstances.

Despite this, to date, most jihadi groups have steered clear of mobilising them for battle. For this reason, the idea that jihadi women do not fight is now widely accepted. While its credence might once have been justified, this myth no longer stands. Indeed, because of recent developments in Iraq and Syria, female supporters of jihadi groups today are more likely than ever to engage in acts of violence. No organisation has broken with jihadi convention more cleanly—or with greater fanfare—than ISIS, which first celebrated its purported deployment of women on the battlefield in early , after years of hinting that such a turn of events was on the horizon.

Viewpoint: ISIS goals and possible future gains

All rights reserved. In this 13th-century B. Archaeologists working in London in might have been surprised.

American-backed operations against ISIS fighters in the area had American commandos and their Syrian Kurdish partners conducted some “We don’t have an end date,” he said twice during an interview with and which, frankly, only us in the region can take the lead in this fight. Go to Home Page».

A September morning in Baghdad. Traffic halted at checkpoints and roadblocks as bureaucrats filed behind blast walls and the temperature climbed to a hundred and fifteen degrees. At the Central Criminal Court, a guard ran his baton along the bars of a small cell holding dozens of terrorism suspects awaiting trial. They were crammed on a wooden bench and on the floor, a sweaty tangle of limbs and dejected expressions.

Many were sick or injured—covered in scabies, their joints twisted and their bones cracked. Iraqi prisons have a uniform code—different colors for pretrial suspects, convicts, and those on death row—but several who had not yet seen a judge or a lawyer were already dressed as if they had been sentenced to death. Most were staring at their phones; others sat in silence, arms crossed, eyes closed.

In terrorism cases, lawyers are usually denied access to their clients until the hearing begins.

Timeline: the Rise, Spread, and Fall of the Islamic State

Thousands of Yazidi women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State, and thousands of Yazidi men were killed. The genocide began following the withdrawal of the Kurdistan Regional Government ‘s Peshmerga militia, which left the Yazidis defenseless. The Yazidis are monotheists who believe in a benevolent peacock angel and practice an ancient gnostic faith.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and other followers of Islam in the region tend to view the peacock angel as the malevolent creature Lucifer or Shaitan and they consider the Yazidis ‘ devil worshippers’. In August , more than Yazidi families were threatened and forced to choose between conversion to Sunni Islam or death.

Despite its ongoing demise in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State (ISIS) could prove of Libya, as the site of ISIS’ first successful territorial conquest outside of Iraq and Syria. ISIS outside their countries, then turns to ISIS’ expansion in the Maghreb and the UN-led efforts at reconciling the two resulted in the Libyan Political.

Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia should go beyond security and military measures to address persistent local grievances and tensions that ISIS has proven adept in exploiting. In this sense, and while ISIS does not consider the Maghreb its main arena for any of those three forms of activity, how it performed in the region, and how states reacted to its rise, tells us a lot about the organisation. To much of the outside world, Tunisia is known equally for its relatively successful democratic transition as for the fact that it boasts the highest ratio per capita of people who have joined ISIS to fight outside their country.

Progress has been made to address several of these matters, but not all, and almost certainly not in a sustainable manner. Its propaganda emphasised perceptions of injustice shared by large swathes of the population — particularly those from marginalised regions and poor urban peripheries that most often encounter state brutality, corruption and social exclusion. Libya tells another, even more striking side of the story. The fact that, with Western assistance, Libyan forces were able to oust ISIS from Sirte shows that superior military force can vanquish the organisation, a reality that has also been made evident in Mosul, Iraq, and will be soon in Raqqa, Syria.

Previous waves of transnational jihadism, after all, mutated or lingered as manageable nuisances for many years until a new window of opportunity appeared. The Maghreb has shown that it has, for the most part, resilient state capacity but also persistent tensions within societies and their elites, as well as between them. It is also surrounded by fragile states to the south. Vigilance about avoiding a next wave requires more focus on appeasing and channelling these tensions away from violence, not just post-facto security approaches.

From its inception in , the Islamic State ISIS has both recruited widely from the Maghreb and sought to build a presence there in multiple ways, from the creation of recruitment and operational cells to seizing and governing territory. Egypt and Mauritania are not covered. Hide Footnote In Libya, taking advantage of the anarchy and security vacuum created by conflict that started in mid, it implemented the first extension of its territorialisation strategy outside of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS Fast Facts

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These youngsters had decent comfortable lives in their countries, however, they left. This was the remarkable success of the approach adopted by ISIS to recruit new members and supporters for their organizations. The organization used social media to recruit or even radicalize the young minds. ISIS members. It was a famous online campaign when thousands of ISIS profiles were exposed online. A website called ISISsingles. However, it was really just a recruitment method.

Follow NewsGram on Twitter. Now it looks like the dating websites approach is back. ISIS is reportedly back on dating websites again. This was confirmed by reports from Jordan. A girl from Jordan was stopped on her way to Syria.

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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is recognized by the United Nations as the perpetrator of a genocide of Yazidis in Sinjar, Iraq. The genocide led to the expulsion, flight and effective exile of the Yazidis from their ancestral lands in Iraqi Kurdistan. Date, 3 August Target, Yazidi people. Attack type.

I started texting with Hoda Muthana April 5, , when she was 20 and I was We were talking on Kik, a messaging service mostly used by dating app users looking to hook up — and jihadis looking to communicate. So I proved it to her, by sending her a smiling high school graduation photograph of herself. She has become a symbol of a new debate about the young people — and, in particular, the women — who were radicalized by ISIS.

Are they monsters, or victims? And more broadly, in this age of online radicalization, who has traveled beyond redemption? Who can be deradicalized, and who can be redeemed? I have spent nearly four years tracking Muthana, who fled her Hoover, Alabama, home in to join ISIS in Syria, across various social media platforms and communicating with her in private messages while she was a member of the brutal terror group.

When Muthana resurfaced earlier this year in the refugee camp, telling reporters she was wrong to join ISIS and that she now wants to return , several media outlets accompanied their stories with a handful of her old tweets calling for violence against Americans. But her social media footprint is actually more vast and troubling, and I am reporting it here for the first time, and publishing alongside this story my archive of four years of Muthana’s life as she presented it on social media.

I have saved posts of hers from various accounts on multiple platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Ask. She shared photos claiming ISIS provided her with lavish apartments and powerful weapons. She memorialized her ISIS-provided husbands, killed in battle.

Edmonton woman ‘committed’ to ISIS ‘facilitated extremist activities,’ secret documents allege

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READ MORE: Suspect’s alleged statements about ISIS led to terrorism followed a Canadian Security Intelligence Service investigation into her alleged “While no evidence of attack planning has been found to date, other.

Inside the sparsely furnished town house, news crews trained their cameras on the dirty dishes that filled the kitchen sink and the Arabic-language books that were stacked in a closet. Today the Islamic State is as much a media conglomerate as a fighting force. All terrorist groups seek to cultivate this kind of image, of course, because their power derives from their ability to inspire dread out of proportion to the threats they actually pose.

But the Islamic State has been singularly successful at that task, thanks to its mastery of modern digital tools, which have transformed the dark arts of making and disseminating propaganda. Never before in history have terrorists had such easy access to the minds and eyeballs of millions. The Islamic State recognized the power of digital media early on, when its brutish progenitor, Jordanian jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, discovered the utility of uploading grainy videos of his atrocities to the Internet.

As the group evolved, its propagandists surpassed and humiliated their bitter rivals in al Qaeda by placing a premium on innovation. The Islamic State maximized its reach by exploiting a variety of platforms: social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, peer-to-peer messaging apps like Telegram and Surespot, and content sharing systems like JustPaste.

More important, it decentralized its media operations, keeping its feeds flush with content made by autonomous production units from West Africa to the Caucasus—a geographical range that illustrates why it is no longer accurate to refer to the group merely as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham ISIS , a moniker that undersells its current breadth.

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